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I'm 43, married, with one kid. I have a photography business that I've been struggling to get back off the ground for a few years now, I love to help my friends more with their businesses than my own ahha and I like running road races but not so much the actual running part. Oh and I love Doctor Who.

I have all sorts of mad plans for the next little while.  We are all at home in this strange and unusual time of pandemic with self isolation.  I've decided to sign up for a few courses to be a stronger photographer, set up storefront on some platform to sell some personal photography as being a portrait photographer isn't going so well right now.  I've also signed up for some online ukulele lessons as well as some python coding.  Learning to enjoy cycling so I can go out with Kev on bike rides this summer (so far I wouldn't say I'm a fan but it's a good way to knock out some TV episodes). 

Here are some key players in my world

Kev - The Husband
20 years we've been together, married for 15 of them. He's my rock, my best friend, my true love. We met online, back then it was such an OMG WHUT thing, now it's all No Big Deal.  Our relationship sometimes can freak people out; we rarely have a disagreement, we like almost all of the same things to varying degrees.. oh and we're always together. No really!  In the beginning of our relationship, I was going through the process of immigration to Canada so I couldn't work and then after that I've pretty much worked from home. He's always worked from home. We are seriously around each other almost 24/7 for the past 14 years and we still think each other to be pretty awesome. Which is a pretty good relationship skill to have right now!

Loosh - The Kid
My little minion.  He's fully entrenched in being a teen, he's grown up so fast, bright, clever and full of sass.  He starts high school in the fall with an arts focus. His main jams right now are Fortnite, Minecraft, playing guitar, art and hanging with his friends. He's a total goober and even though he can be so full of teen angst, he is still a sweetheart and a good egg.   Every day has been a gift for the past near 14 years.


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