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FriendsGiving 2014 & DWSCO Bowling

Being originally from the States, some holidays I get to double up on. Independence & Thanksgiving are the 2 big ones.  I usually host American Thanksgiving here in our home, calling it Friendsgiving. I invite over some friends, either a mishmash group or like this year, Chrissy & Co.  We had a lovely dinner; roast turkey, homemade cranberry sauce, cherry soup, fresh bread with butter, beans & crispy bacon, and mashed potatoes with gravy.  Our places at the table were adorned with little name tags written by Kev.

After dinner, Jeff took Q home, we left LilC' & Loosh in the care of Kev while us gals headed out to the local bowling alley for our first step into hanging with the Doctor Who Society.

Tinsel Town with KL

I love Christmas and secretly wish I was one of those people who had the time & patience to go all out in decorating. I recently discovered we have a store here in Ottawa that is Christmas year round & went out for an afternoon with my darling friend Kara for ornaments, cupcakes and tea.

Paint Night w/J-Bear

Art does not come easily to me and I find as I get older it's even more difficult. I am prone to perfectionist ways and painting fills me with such an overwhelming sense of dread & anxiety that I do not know why I agree to these evenings -lol-

However, I signed up for one of these Paint Nites with Juli. We drank, we painted, I fussed and generally came home unhappy with my project but happy to have had the experience.

Unrefined Olive Shopping Trip

Sometimes Chris and I just take trips shopping where we get up to all sorts of shenanigans. Honestly I'm surprised we have never been asked to leave a store yet for being loud and inappropriate. One of our favourite trips was to the Unrefined Olive in the Glebe. We were there for over an hour. We tasted and tried every oil and vinegar we were allowed to have. Then we tried to decide what we wanted and then tasted a whole bunch more again.