Saturday, November 29, 2014

FriendsGiving 2014 & DWSCO Bowling

Being originally from the States, some holidays I get to double up on. Independence & Thanksgiving are the 2 big ones.  I usually host American Thanksgiving here in our home, calling it Friendsgiving. I invite over some friends, either a mishmash group or like this year, Chrissy & Co.  We had a lovely dinner; roast turkey, homemade cranberry sauce, cherry soup, fresh bread with butter, beans & crispy bacon, and mashed potatoes with gravy.  Our places at the table were adorned with little name tags written by Kev.

After dinner, Jeff took Q home, we left LilC' & Loosh in the care of Kev while us gals headed out to the local bowling alley for our first step into hanging with the Doctor Who Society.




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