Who Am I?

I suppose the longest story short is. I'm pushing 40, I am married, I have one kid, I have a photography business that I've not done much with in the past 3 years, I'm a baking assistant learning the ropes of making all kinds of treats, going to Cons and making costumes (basic stuff, I'm pretty easy going) and I like running road races but not so much the actual running part. Oh and I love Doctor Who.

I have all sorts of mad plans for the next little while. Going to be working on improving my photography, finding the love again for it.  I'm going to try and learn calligraphy; my husband is a calligrapher and it's pretty awesome. Unfortunately for me to do this I have to clean my desk, so some of my projects include some serious unf*cking my habitat (using the great app on my phone), so you can expect some before/afters of bigger projects.  I'm also going to be spending my winter perfecting royal icing techniques and sculpting fondant. If you're interested in taking my practice pieces off my hands let me know - I cannot be trusted with sugar cookies *L*

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