Montreal Comic Con 2014

MTLCC14 was on our radars for a little bit because we couldn't make it to FanExpo in Toronto for various reasons. It became a reality when Matt Smith was announced as a guest of honour. We booked our photo opp, bought our tickets, purchased 2 tickets for the special Who event. We planned our costumes; Amelia Pond & Impossible Astronaut Amy Pond down to the last detail (including a last minute "suitcase" making for Chrissy to carry her stuff in). Some of our plans changed in our lodging for the weekend, we ended up spending the weekend with Fran and Steffee in their hotel room - which was cool as we were able to see several celebs over the course of the weekend.

The Friday was upon us and I was running last minute errands when I noticed my phone blowing up with messages. Loads of apologies and "I feel so bad for you guys". I couldn't figure out what was going on but then the message came through that Matt had cancelled his planned appearances due to a scheduling conflict (THANKS TERMINATOR!). Talk about a bummer! No FanExpo, no Montreal. Matt Smith was quickly turning into our unicorn! I finished packing up the car and headed to collect Chrissy who had spent some time at her desk crying into her keyboard over the news, but we were determined to make the most of our trip! With a bit of financial juggling, we were able to get tickets to the Star Trek TNG panel and we picked up a photo opp with Sir Patrick Stewart. We had a lot of good laughs on the way to MTL, including some nervous laughing over this car in front of us driving along with their muffler hanging off the bottom of their car for kilometers upon kilometers. We were convinced it was going to kill us. We got to the hotel, checked in and relaxed for a bit in the room before heading down to dinner with F&S as we were starving. Super good eats and a solid night's sleep, we were ready for Saturday!

Saturday we were up bright eyed and bushy tailed. We got ready and headed over to the convention centre. We had quite a wait as we were just regular tickets for Saturday. We didn't have much planned, just lots of checking things out and wandering around. We ended up mom-schooling 2 young fellows who thought they could get away with cutting in front of not only us but at least 1000 other people. It's like, no sorry kiddos, it doesn't work like that. Once inside, we spent most of our day in Artist's Alley exploring each and every booth which was SUPER lovely. We never have really had the chance to do this without needing to get back to a booth or having kids hanging off our arms. We got to talk with everyone about their work, find out more, pick up a few pieces. We took the opportunity to meet Billy Boyd this afternoon and get our photos done at his booth. What a treasure that man is and it's wonderful that he does photos that way. Much more enjoyable than the big production photos that you get shuffled through at lightening speed. That night we attended the ST:TNG panel which was amazing. Great humour from everyone, however I wish that people who get up to ask questions would have several prepared to ask, so that there is little to no overlap in what the guests are questioned with.

On the Sunday, we did more walking around the main vendor section and did our photo op with Sir Patrick Stewart. I was completely blown away by how kind and gracious he is. I will never forget him saying "Hello, come on in my darling" and holding his hand out to bring me in for our hug/photo. Chrissy went as Osgood that day and I did a cross-play 9th Doctor. We ended up having a fairly good time meeting a bunch of fellow Whovians and I feel at that moment it was our slide down into total DW geekiness.

















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