Ottawa Comic Con 2013

I've only been attending Cons for the past 2 years since Ottawa has started up their own.  The company running it is great, there have been obviously bumps along the way but they're figuring it out and good times are had. This year was a very different experience for cons with my experience in the baking booth but time was still made for shenanigans.

OttawaCC 2013
I went to this pretty clueless. I hadn't really been into anything that has a fandom in a long time. I liked just a range of things, there were some cool people attending for guests. Figured why not! I bought tickets for the three of us and started planning our weekend. Held on Mother's Day weekend, it was kind of a treat for me.

Day 1 - Friday
I went early and spent the day wandering the vendor tables, checking out all the artists, enjoying those who skipped work to come and dress up.  Around 3pm, Kev dropped Loosh off at the door and we spent the rest of the afternoon together checking it all out.

Day 2 - Saturday
Kev joined Loosh and I on the second day of OCC. Loosh & I dressed up.  We went as Ash Ketchum and Pikachu :) We have agreed that at least one day of Con is a joint effort cosplay (for now, this may change as he gets older) - well at least on Loosh & I's part. Kev has yet to join us in dressing up. We spent the day shopping, taking photos of cosplayers and answering questions from Loosh about different shows/movies. The Daleks were VERY intriguing to him and without even knowing what they were, he steered clear of the Weeping Angels. 


Day 3 - Sunday
Today was our big day of photo ops. We had a bit of sad news as our Firefly trio was shortened to a duo to Summer Glau misplacing her passport and being unable to make the trip into Canada. A quick resolution at the photo op booth and we were then set up with 2 separate photo ops with Jewel Staite and Nathan Fillion. I normally don't get too flustered with meeting celebrities. I have met enough big time musicians back in the day but MAN did Nathan make my brain check out! The man gives a good hug! He was super kind and chatted with us for a minute about how our son reminds him of Joss Whedon's kid (the whole time firmly holding me around the shoulders).  Kev asked me when we were clear of the photo op booth if I was ok, and I whispered that I wasn't sure, I might need a moment *L* Jewel was really kind as well but our photo op with her was a typical one and a bit rushed. Loosh also participated in a Star Wars themed scavenger hunt that ended in a dance party. 


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